First League Moving

About The Project

First League Moving is a residential moving company in Virginia with years of experience in the area. They offer local and long distance moves. They provide customers with free quotes by booking through the phone or getting in touch through their website. From packing to unpacking and everything in between, they’ll make your move as easy and efficient as possible.

Facebook Business Page Set Up

First League Moving is a small business that provides moving services in the local area. They needed a Business Facebook page set up so they could advertise and promote their services to the general public. Having a business Facebook page is important because it provides you with a platform to engage with your existing customers, and grow your clientele. We help boosts their impressions, engagements and reach targeted audience. First League Moving creates their open content to post on their page and we were happy to have the platform set up for it.

Web Design

We designed First League Moving’s website. We wanted to create a site that was clean and refreshing, with plenty of space for content. We also wanted to make the design flexible enough so that it could accommodate any future changes in the business. Each customer is treated with personalized attention which is provided by their staff. With easy contact features and information they can use at their fingertips, the new website is an extension of First League Moving’s commitment to service.